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The softening of US gambling laws in the recent years have paved the way for online gambling in the New Jersey online casino lately. The American Justice Department upturned its long-time ban on online casino business in 2011 December which encouraged 3 of the major states to launch online casinos officially. These 3 states are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Nevada is the first one in the pack to embark on online poker business in February 2013 while the other would be formally joining the line since November this year- New Jersey from November 26 & Delaware from November 8. However, Delaware started its trial period since October 31. The article here would overview the business scene to be presented by the legal gambling sites in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Consultants

Before delving further into the discussion of online gambling business anticipated in the 3 States, it should be mentioned that Nevada is limited to internet poker solely while the other two has assured to offer a versatile suite of gambling games- including slot, blackjack, roulette and poker. At present the online gambling facility is limited to the state boundary only, for each of the 3 States.

According to premier research firms, Americans spent around 2.6 billion USD on illegal gambling sites offshore in 2012. Now, the estimates for the revenue offered by internet casino business in each of the 3 states would definitely vary given that difference in the online gambling scenes and tax considerations must be minded as well.

Nevada Online Gambling

In case of Nevada, it is estimated that the internet gambling business here would be able to produce around 3 million USD in the tax revenue zone per year if internet poker is restricted within Nevada players only. But over a 50 million USD enhancement is speculated if the state starts to allow players from other states. The state would apply 6.75 percent of tax rate for internet gaming.

New Jersey Online Gambling

According to NJ governor Chris Christie, 2013 can beget as much as 180 million USD in the tax revenue from the online casinos in the State. The State will set 15 percent of tax rate for online gambling.

Delaware Online Gambling

The state is anticipated to gather nearly 3.75 million USD this year through the virtual gambling venture. In Delaware, revenues for internet slots would be split, after all expenses have been shared & paid- 43.5 percent would go for state, ten percent for horse breeders & 46.5 percent would be sent to casinos. In regards to table games, the casinos are getting 66.1%, 4.5 % will go for horse breeders & 29.4 % for state.

NJ Seems To Carry Better Prospects

As per the experts, New Jersey seems to be on the edge of creating a completely new industry through online gambling. Nevada might have started early but it's restricted to online poker only. On the other hand New Jersey is offering a huge range of popular casino games through as many as 12 casinos from Atlantic City. Delaware too is offering a wealth of casino games but again it's restricted by its small market. Only 3 Delaware casinos are legally permitted to offer online gambling.